Welcome to the State Training Advisory Council

The State Training Advisory Council (STAC) was established by Executive Order to be comprised of one representative from each of the departments of state government. The purpose of STAC is to offer advice, counsel, and assistance on decisions affecting management training and development statewide.

Each representative to STAC is the spokesperson for his or her respective agency. The representative speaks to the department's position, updates agency management on training issues and decisions and assists in the implementation of training initiatives within their agency which are often associated with the statewide Management Training Rule (36.510 RSMo) (1CSR 20-6.010).

At the request of STAC representatives, STAC meetings have been closed to vendors and solicitors. No Solicitation Rules, as interpreted, prohibit outside vendors. STAC has limited other vendors in the past.

The Office of Administration, Division of Personnel, serves as the administrative coordination for the State Training Advisory Council.

Council Leadership

Council Co-Chairs

OA Liaison

Training Resources

Below are links to several resources that may be of assistance to council members. Links include training sites, reference areas, and department listings of resources, which are available to the council.

Central Missouri Association for Talent Development

Association for Talent Development - Kansas City, MO

Association for Talent Development - St. Louis, MO

Class Resource Listing

Recommendations for Diversity and Unlawful Discrimination Training

Meeting Information

Bi-monthly meetings are held in Jefferson City from 2:30 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

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